What is Tanking? 

Tanking all starts with a stock tank, a river, and a group of people that want to float down the river… in a stock tank.  Tanks are capable of holding 3 to 6 people and have benches or chairs, and have the added bonus of having room for a cooler.  

Tanking is a perfect way to spend a relaxing day on the water.   You are able to float in shallow water, and roll off of obstruction such as downed trees. You don’t have to paddle or pole too much, except at times to push off of downed trees, sandbars or weedy banks.  The tanks also travel slower than canoes and kayaks, so you have more time to take in the view and relax. 

 All and all, tanking is an awesome dry water adventure that anyone from the age of 4 to 94 can take part in. 

Where do we tank at? 

At Dusty Trails you’ll float down the slow-moving North Platte River from the comfort of a buoyant livestock watering tank.    

How long do we tank for?

Your adventure begins with you deciding how long you want your river adventure to be.  We have river trips ranging from 2 hour to all day.   Just let us know how adventurous you are.

Will you have a shuttle for the for drop off and pick up?

Yes, we will make sure you get in the tanks and river safely and pick you up and bring you back to Dusty Trails. 

How much? 

Tanking is $20 pre person 

How do I book my tanking trip? 

We ask you call us 308-530-0048 to book your tanking trip.